SUTRI is a collaborative project conducted by the following research teams:

- Huairou Solar Observing Station led by Prof. Yuanyong Deng, National Astronomical Observatories of CAS (NAOC)

- Solar physics group of Prof. Hui Tian, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University (PKU)

- Institute of Precision Optical Engineering led by Prof. Zhanshan Wang, Tongji University (Tongji)

- Laboratory of lunar and deep-space exploration technology led by Prof. Jianfeng Yang, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS (XIOPM)

- Scientific Satellites Division of Prof. Xiaofeng Zhang, Innovation Academy for Microsatellites of CAS (IAMC)

The SUTRI science operation team consists of the NAOC, PKU, and IAMC groups. The data processing team includes NAOC, PKU groups and the astronomical technology laboratory, Yunnan Observatories, CAS.

Contact Us:

- Xianyong Bai,
- Zhenyong Hou,